Started in 2001, a group of like minded gamers from around the world who enjoyed team work while playing games competitively or just casual, created =FOTE= (Formally Neon Genesis) Our team events were optional and very well received. We care not about your KDR, Win rate and how awesome you are, we ARE interested in a friendly banter while gaming be it competitively or casually. We do not claim to be pro gamers, we mearly play for our entertainment.

Together as one

We encourage individuality and freedom to express creativity without judgement. We can offer help with creative boundries and assist with meanigful creativity and content. We also share and follow our fellow gamers and creators helping them reach their goal. We are on many platforms such as discord, twitter youtube and many more.

To game or not to game, that is the question.

FOTE founders are unpaid and do what we do out of our love for gaming. Basically we just like playing games. We play for many reasons and have done so for many years.  Content is mainly derived from games using the weird and wonderful things that happen within these games.

What ever you play on is fine by us, mobile, console, pc, switch you name it, you do you. Anything game related we are all over it, we aren't "hard core" stat counters or "meta" chasers we play how we want with what we want. That doesn't mean we dont like competative play everyone is different and some of our crew love the competative play, stats, leaderboards and KD ratio, we are down with that too, perhaps you are, join Face of the Enemy cross game cross platform clan and find like minded players.

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Featured member creation
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