We are just a few friends who had an idea to unite gamers that may find it difficult to socialise and find appropriate team mates to play online with. Since then we have also decided to offer up our experiences and knowledge in many areas of gaming and tech to help bring together more gamers and creators to learn, share and get these creations out there. The goal is to give like minded gamers a place to collab, create, share, play games and get friendly support from peers within FOTE, all for the low low price of nothing, zero, ziltch, nada. Donations are of course always welcome but not expected. The founding members are getting a bit old now and some have moved onto focus on other things only able to give the occasional input. The founders that remain would like to offer experiences and knowledge in various areas of tech and gaming culture to boost our members in what ever they are currently pursuing. We hope that other members of FOTE will take this stance also to create a network of friends and creative shinanigans and offer what ever help they can, even if its just a kind comment or positive engagement in what ever is being presented. We do this as a hobbie and enjoy doing so, we are not masters and we dont know everything but we will strive to learn together.