Famalam of Gamers


A Work in progress idea

Part of FOTE (Face of the enemy). The place for all Famalam info.

Just a dude playing games.

Famalam Support

Help with gamer issues can be ask for in our discord
You can support us, be a pal, let us know when a server is down
Be Awesome To Each Other

Look out for your fellow gamer.
Gaming may be an escape for some people.
Some gamers may not be as good as you, let them cook.
Disabilities may not always be obvious, be mindful of that when a gamer is playing poorly or different.
Not everyone is confident to use to voice coms, thats ok!. There are other ways.
Famalam Community

Many ways to stay in touch with the community.
Games should be fun, find the group with the same play style as you.
Games should open up more options for social interaction

Our Famalam Hosts

Angel Devoid


Server Mod

Community Mod
Bullet Magnet